Fresh pasta at home by KitchenPasta.

Modern lifestyles and limited free time in everyday life require quick and tasty solutions when it comes to food.
Our Fresh pasta & Fresh stuffed pasta with cooking times ranging from 2 to 5 minutes guarantee you a quick and uniquely tasty meal for any time of the day.
As a result more time for you & your family.
Find them in the window of our restaurant.
7000 years ago the Ancient Greeks and Etruscans were the first to cook pasta. This was the beginning of one of the most popular and favorite foods in the world. With very simple and pure ingredients such as flour and egg, the nonnas (grandmothers) of the time prepared various designs and types of Fresh Pasta. Combining technology with tradition, at Kitchen Pasta we use high quality Fresh Pasta of our production.
 Like nonnas, we use natural and pure raw materials, such as flour and egg, for the preparation of Fresh Pasta, while in parallel with the method of rapid cooling and not dehydration, we avoid the use of chemical additives, preservatives or coloring substances.
 As our pasta is fermented with Fresh egg, they acquire a softer texture during cooking, better absorb the flavors of the sauce and give greater flavor intensity to the dish. Selected ingredients, imagination, passion and creativity complete your delicious journey ..

Our menu


                                 28cm / 34cm Ø             


Variety of cheeses, tomato sauce, pork ham, bacon, pepperoni salami, tricolor peppers, variety of mushrooms, flavored with Olympus oregano.


7.20 / 9.70

La nera pancetta

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, onion, variety of fresh mushrooms, smoked pancetta from Black Pig Olympus Farm Fotiadis.

7.50 / 10.00

Margherita buffalo

Tomato sauce, fresh Italian buffalo mozzarella, parmesan, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

7.50 / 10.00



Crispy bacon, onion, quenched with white wine and cooked in tomato sauce.



Chicken breast fillets, white mushrooms and Portobello in white sauce.


Pasta mama

Cretan Apaki, feta and sun-dried tomatoes, quenched with white wine and basil.




Seasonal salads, small tomatoes, crispy bacon, chicken fillets, homemade croutons and parmesan in rich Caesar’s sauce.

* Try it with breaded chicken fillets + 1 €


Insalata pollo

Green salad with baby spinach, chicken fillets, a variety of nuts in a light dressing of honey - Mustard and parmesan.



Green salad with orange, goat Italian cheese, Bresaola (beef prosciutto), Florinis pepper and citrus dressing.



Pizza Rimo

It was in 1996 when the then 23 year old George Metaxas together with his wife Liana create and operate their two, Pizza Rimo, a very small shop only for delivery and take away. Pizza Rimo is soon to be enjoyed all over the city. With the demand for even more delicious options, the menu grows and soon new products are added, such as salads and pasta baked in clay. The store is renamed Pizza Metaxa and continues to become even more popular based on prompt service, top and consistent quality raw materials and family environment.

Pasta Metaxa                  Kitchen Pasta

In 2006 the company Pasta Metaxa is created, perhaps the first modern unit for the production of fresh pasta in the country. With an emphasis on Greek raw material and the promotion of Greek gastronomy, we managed to marry the Italian traditional stuffed pasta (Tortelloni, Ravioli) with Greek PDO products such as feta, cream cheese, xinomyzithra, apaki, extra virgin olive oil etc. . Within a few years the range of fresh pasta was enriched with other pasta such as Spaghetti alla Chitarra, Garganelli, Tagliatelle etc.

2017 is the milestone year, Pizza Metaxa after 21 years, now, turns off its ovens and turns a new page in its history. The small shop grows, transforms into a restaurant and is moved a few meters closer to a much larger space where it will house a new gastronomic culture with new products and a new approach to the Italian cuisine of the city. The vision of the family was to create an original for the data of the culinary city or which would have as main characteristics the authentic Italian Pizza slow maturing with yeast and the Fresh pasta of our production, combined with quality Italian and local raw materials. The biggest challenge for the new restaurant was to pass the gastronomic education and culture of fresh pasta to the consumer public of the city, thus creating the Pasta Kitchen - Kitchen Pasta. Features such as the open kitchen, the ability to watch the cooking by the customer, the industrial and rustic style of the restaurant with the use of gray styles and warm materials such as wood, create a warm and modern atmosphere in the space, which in combination with quality food create a unique taste experience.

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Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00 - 00:30